Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arsenal defeated by 2 goals to Nil!

16-11-08 @ 1.10 am, Final score 0-2 v Aston Villa, home game@ emirates stadium, Arggh....hampehhhh. What is wrong with them? Walcott was there, Nasri was there (he scored twice last week when Arsenal defeated Man Utd 2-0)even Fabregas was there (who always help me get good point in fantasy Football, lucky for me sold him last week, replace him with Arteta (everton), cheaper and most important, he is a scorer!),they won against Man Utd but defeated this week with the underdog, think the word suitable for this team is 'inconsistency'.

It was weird to see Abou Diaby and Bendtner at the front, should put Ramsey instead of Diaby and Toure for Clichy (own goal!), Bendtner so far contributed nothing! Must praise Denilson and Walcott though for opportunities they have created. Playing with 4-4-2 formation, Arsenal appeared more threatening but it was Villa who took the lead. Losing to Villa, with Man Utd won 5-0 over Stoke and replacing Arsenal's 3rd place by 1 point, It was really a massive dissapointment.

Next week arsenal will play against Man.City on away game (Robinho is there!), then Dynamo Kiev for Champions League (home)and then against CHELSEA (walawe!!! macam nak kena belasah jer ni) also on away game, my faith still with Arsenal, always will! Just play harder and wiser!! Please!!!!!