Monday, July 7, 2008


Ouchhh!!! just got back from Kuantan Specialist Hospital @ alor akar, Kuantan. Advised by my good husband and staff to see ENT Specialist. Went there this morning and scheduled to see Dr. Srinovianti Noerdin (thought she was Indian but when i saw the surname, i think she is Jawa) @ 11.30 am. She is very2 nice (for today!, tomorrow i dunno!).

After explaining my sad story to this doc of how i got this ear problem, she went to the monitor (screen colour, 17 inch i think, brand ? i dunno) and explained that she will put a tiny2 camera inside my ear and i can watch the "journey of that tiny camera" (what a word!) through that monitor. Scary! really scary!

I was shocked when she told me that the infection is serious. She even told me that there is a little tiny earwaste (a.k.a taik telinga! hahaha) which was left out for so long and that it produce enzyme (walawe!! biar betul! taik telinga boleh evolve weh!!! ) and that actually caused infection to the ear (+ when the previous doc cuci tak habih, it became worst!).

She try to pull that earwaste out, walawe, sakit ooooiiiii, berdarah lagi tu. Bleh tengok via the monitor. After 15 seconds, she quit. She said this one need to be operated as i will be given 'ubat bius' (kin, ubat bius ape dlm BI? tak pandaila term2 medic nih!, anyway hentam sajalah!) so that i dont feel any pain.

So my friend, tomorrow i'll be scheduled for operation at Kuantan Specialist @ 10 am. Will start fasting by 12am tonight. Hopefully this ear will be okay. Salam.