Monday, July 12, 2010

The World Cup, Spain, Thomas Mueller and Howard Webb!!

 The world cup has ended. Spain crowned as world champion despite no.2 in world ranking, created history by winning the cup on first final ever. Pity to the Oranjes, being three-times finalist and have won nil in the final. Surely the victory against Brazil in the semi will be the medicine to cure the sadness.

But the world cup story it not all about Spain's victory, as the golden boot and the Young Player of the World Cup goes to Thomas Mueller, the 20-year-old player from Germany, currently in Bayern Munich squad. He finished the tournament with five goals, the same number as Uruguay's Diego Forlan, Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands and Spain's David Villa but was awarded the Golden Boot because he had supplied three assists, which was more than any of his rivals, and awarded the Outstanding Young Player beating off competition from Ghana winger Andre Ayew and Mexican forward Giovanni dos Santos.I think the true celebration goes to this boy!

My choice for player of the final goes to Iniesta, being the only player who scored last night at 118th minute (wish there was a penalty shoot out) and he was floating everywhere on the pitch trying to find an opening for Spain but for the outstanding performance overall, i will have to say Wesley Sneijder as he played against all odds, his team players not in a 5 star list as to Iniesta who played alongside Puyol, Xabi, Ramos.....(and the list goes on) but he managed to score, not 1 but 5 times !!. Hails to Sneijder!

Despite the Spain winning the World Cup and Muller and Iniesta and Sneijder, the highlighted story of the day goes to the suspect refereeing from Englishman Howard Webb. Shelled out 13 yellow cards and one red card in the entire match (what a waste!!) The referee succumbed to the pressures of the game and his whistle was louder than all the vuvuzelas at the Soccer City Stadium ceasing every play in motion. The players didn’t help either especially the Dutch with challenges like De Jong’s on Alonso that were punished lightly. By the end of it the players had started taking advantage of his refereeing more than any loophole in the opposition defence. How I miss Pierluigi Collina. I think he is the best referee of all time

Start missing World Cup already. Welcome back Premier League. GOOOOOOOO GUNNERS!!! :-)