Sunday, August 21, 2011

Arsenal (0) v (2) Liverpool

We lost 0-2 last night against Liverpool, the previous against Newcastle was 0-0 and 2 red cards issued, one was issued retrospectively. Last night another red card to the club and  frimpong became the third red card holder.

To my surprise, Nasri played 90 minutes last night and it was really delighted to see him on the field again with the team (but sadly) It was last night. Today in the telegraph it read "

By the next time they play he will probably be without Samir Nasri too.
There had been a hold-up over agents’ fees but nothing that seems likely to prevent the deal going through this week.
I am devastating, sad, angry, and all other unsettled and bad emotions that raged within me. I hate the management, the shareholder, the so called professor even the player that so forgetful who were they before they played for Arsenal. But Once a gunner always will, I hope we can overcome this bad painful moments soon. Wake up all!

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