Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PR becomes citizen of Malaysia in few hours

Less than four hours after Malaysiakini reported that a permanent resident (PR) holding a red MyPR card had been registered as a new voter , she has apparently become a citizen and she now has a blue Mykad, based on a check of the same online system of the National Registration Department (NRD) where her voter registration details are recorded.

A check of the NRD online verification system twice - at 5.48pm yesterday and 11.30am today - had shown that a person named Mismah was a PR holder who had collected her MyPR card (No. 640704715238), an identification card for PR. When the same number was entered into the EC online verification system, Mismah appeared as a newly-registered voter. However, another check with the NRD system at 3pm returned a shocking result - the same Mismah has become a citizen with blue Mykad.

Her status on the EC online verification system remained the same as at 3pm - a newly-registered voter in the latest supplementary electoral roll which is now on display for public scrutiny.

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Now we have something to ponder.... nope, now we have evidence... hmmmm . I am not against government, i love my government. I just hate lies.

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